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Personalized Yubo Lunch Box (Pink)
  • Personalized Yubo Lunch Box (Pink)
  • Personalized Open Pink Yubo Lunch Box
  • 5 Lunch Box Colors
  • Optional Medium Containers and Drink Holder Sold Separately
  • Optional Drink Holders Sold Separately

Personalized Yubo Lunch Boxes (Pink)


Price: $45.00

In stock
Long Hair Short Hair Long Curly Hair Afro/Short Curly Hair Ponytail Pigtails One Braid Two Braids Hair Bun Hair Buns Curly Ponytail Curly Braid Two Curly Braids Curly Hair Buns Baby Girl Baby Girl 2
Blonde Hair Light Blonde Hair Dark Blonde Strawberry Blonde Hair Red Hair Light Brown Hair Dark Brown Hair Black Hair
Fair Skin Girl Light Skin Girl Medium Skin Girl Dark Skin Girl
Dark Brown Eyes Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Green Eyes
Round Eyes Girl Almond Eyes Girl
Smile Girl Open Smile Girl
No Cheeks and Freckles Cheeks Freckles
Glasses Girl No Glasses Boy
No Hair Accessories Hair Clip Hair Clip 2 Headband Bow Headband Bow Flower Clip Flower Clip 2
No Hats or Masks Cowgirl Hat Princess Crown Tiara Polka Dot Birthday Hat Chef Hat Superhero Mask Girl
No Pacifier Girl Pacifier Girl
No Hair Accessories Hair Clip Hair Clip 2 Headband Bow Headband Bow Flower Clip Flower Clip 2
White Hot Pink Bubblegum Pink Blue Light Blue Ocean Blue Robin's Egg Blue Aqua Purple Lilac Lavandar Red Orange Lime Mint Green
Blue Yubo Lunch Box Pink Yubo Lunch Box Green Yubo Lunch Box Orange Yubo Lunch Box Gray Yubo Lunch Box
Bue Drink Holder Pink Drink Holder Green Drink Holder Orange Drink Holder Black Drink Holder
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Parents and kids will love our personalized yubo lunch boxes! They are not only stylish and easy to clean but they are kind to the environment. Yubo lunch boxes are BPA Free, recyclable, and dishwasher safe (excluding faceplates)  It's soft and lightweight design makes it comfortable for kids to carry.

Customize to look like your child by selecting hair style, hair color, skin color, eye color and shape, smile, hair accessories, hats, cheeks and freckles, glasses, pacifier, background color, and font.

Perfect for birthday and holiday gifts!


Lunchboxes measure 9.8 inches wide x 6.9 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep

Square containers measure 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 2" tall

Your deluxe lunch box kit purchase includes:

1 recyclable plastic lunchbox in your choice of blue, green, gray, orange, and pink colors.
1 large sanwich container 
2 snack containers
1 custom made ice pack for yubo lunch boxes
2 custom faceplates 

Optional medium container and drink holder sold separately. 

Lunch Boxes are dishwasher safe but the faceplates are NOT dishwasher safe.

PLEASE NOTE: Slight color variations may occur on the finished printed product due to different computer monitor settings.  Placement and size of design may be different on the final product.