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Personalized Bookplates for Kids (Boy)
  • Personalized Bookplates for Kids (Boy)
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  • Personalized Bookplate for Kids Boy 3
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  • Personalized Bookplate for Kids Boy 5

Personalized Bookplates for Kids (Boy)


Price: $14.00

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Straight Hair Long Hair Curly Hair Curly Hair 2 Spiked Hair Spiked Hair 2 Buzz Cut Baby Boy
Blonde Hair Light Blonde Hair Dark Blonde Strawberry Blonde Hair Red Hair Light Brown Hair Dark Brown Hair Black Hair
Fair Skin Boy Light Skin Boy Medium Skin Boy Dark Skin Boy
Dark Brown Eyes Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Green Eyes
Round Eyes Boy Almond Eyes Boy
Smile Boy Open Smile Boy
No Freckles Freckles
Glasses Boy
T-Shirt T-Shirt with a Star T-Shirt with a Sailboat Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress Shirt with a Tie
Blue Light Blue Ocean Blue Robin's Egg Blue Royal Blue Red Orange Brown
No Hats or Masks Cowboy Hat Baseball Hat Fireman Hat Prince Crown Striped Birthday Hat Stars Birthday Hat Chef Hat Superhero Mask
No Pacifier Boy Pacifier Boy
White Blue Light Blue Ocean Blue Royal Blue Aqua Red Orange Lime Mint Green
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Your little boy will love to read with these personalized bookplates. These adorable bookplates are designed to look like your little boy. Your little boy will be so excited to open up his book and recognize himself on his very own bookplate.

Perfect for a holiday or birthday gift!

Customizing is easy! Just select your child's hair style, hair color, skin color, and eye color and shape, and smile. You can even choose hats, glasses, freckles, and a pacifier. 

Dimensions: 2.5x2.5 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Slight color variations may occur on the finished printed product due to different computer monitor settings.  Placement and size of design may be different on the final product.