5 Important Steps to Take Before Hiring Underpinning Services Toronto

Basements in Toronto are notorious for their low ceilings, rendering them only useful for storage and housing the home’s plumbing and heating system. With the population boom that Toronto is currently experiencing, many have found it advantageous in creating more living space out of their basement. As a result, basement underpinning Toronto is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners to achieve this goal.

Step # 1 Hire a Structural Engineer to Oversee the Project
The major alterations that will take place during a basement underpinning may affect the stability of your home. Structural engineers are aware of required building control approval and will be an essential asset. The City of Toronto requires a professional engineer to design and review a foundation when it is constructed below the footing level of an adjacent building. The Engineer must also sign the “Commitment to General Reviews”. This PDF can be found in the City of Toronto’s website.

Step # 2 Apply for Building Permits
The City of Toronto makes it easy to apply and pay for a building permit online. If you desire, you may also apply in person.

Step # 3 Keep Current with Inspections
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact the Toronto Building once the construction project starts and at each critical stage of construction. Neglecting inspections during any stage may cause costly delays. Keep in mind that you will need to have your copy of the stamped plans available on site to present to the inspector. A list of appointed building inspectors and contact information may be found on the City of Toronto website.

Step # 4 Notify Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company
Your insurance company can inform you of any stipulations in your agreement that may involve any structural alterations.

Step # 5 Locate a Qualified and Reputable Company
Weather conditions and terrain influence the work conducted on basement underpinning services Toronto. That is why your best bet is to hire a local and reputable company. Keep in mind that this type of work deals with the structural integrity of your home. It is also important to make sure that the company is licensed, bonded and that they are in good standing.

Plenty of stress is placed on the structure’s foundation, making it imperative to follow these 5 easy steps before contracting out work to qualified and reputable underpinning services Toronto. In conclusion, basement underpinning is an excellent means of adding headspace and value to your home, and if you desire, an excellent source of potential rental revenue.

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